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About me

Get to know my background. Scroll through the gallery and let yourself be inspired by the stations and highlights from my long and varied professional life.

My professional life is characterized by passion, the will to achieve results and success as well as identification. And I'm looking for pioneering projects. When new business areas arise, I'll be the first to raise my hand. I think that's called intrinsic motivation. The key to success is always the team. It is always exciting to challenge and coach the members of the team individually so that they reach the next level. I was there when I could inspire them with my passion and let them "fly". Challenge encourages employees to learn and take responsibility.

I discovered the economic cosmos part-time during an evening course as a commercial professional specialist (Handelsfachwirt). In the UK this is equivalent to a Bachelor’s degree. For me, access to macro and microeconomic material in this phase offered a surprisingly broadened perspective. I then started at a medium-sized pump importer for a manufacturer in the UK as an corporate assistant to the MD. This uninterrupted collaboration explains my passion for the British market. The importer was taken over by the main supplier ITT (later Xylem) at the end of the 80s. This enabled me to gain experience in the general management of a medium-sized company as well as in European corporate structures. Xylem's certificate was issued on the occasion of my "amicable" departure from the group after 30 years of service. The diversity of my employed professional life cannot even come close to reflecting this testimony. Gallery: Qualifications, courses, honorary positions, functions in addition to professional activity, projects (lighthouses)

My honorary appointments and functions beside the regular business, Lighthouse projects and general business duties


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