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Mentors – Consultants – Trainer – Coaches. Who is doing what? There are definitions in theory about the concept of each type. In practice there will be overlapping in the way how each will practice.

Consultants are focusing more on structures, processes and functions in companies. Over the decades the scope of reorganizations as well as mergers and acquisitions started to increase. This increased the requirement for mental support for managers. As a result the sector for training and coaching expanded. Another segment became significant, which is the public service and public administration as well at governmental level.

If we look specific at startups, the service of trainers and consultants should be considered carefully. The climate and organizational framework are different, and the classic rules of organization are difficult to apply. Looking vice versa, consultants have a chance to take synergies from startup over to spin-off-cases of corporations.

Founder of startups have mentally different requirements. The business plan is based on an idea which is supported through agreement and approval from investors. Now it is time to make the idea real and happen. The reality is tough, and the forecasted timeframe becomes in a lot of cases paper waste and the team need to prove standing. In such situation a mentor from the background will be helpful. Normally a mentor has extensive experience from his former businesses and it is easy for him to apply his skills to the individual situation. Trust is the absolute and single condition for the relationship. A Mentor can guide a startup for a longer period and will spend about 1 – 2 days per month with the team. He knows about the progress and can support directly. The team receive fresh input and recognizes the light and the end of the tunnel. Frustration decreases and motivation increases.

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